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Boner Boner

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

funny title!

this song has some interesting sounds and vocals in them, what are they saying? ... its a little bit too repetitive, but the vocals make up for it to add that extra to it... nice job regardless though. thumbs up

GuruOne responds:

Thx man....

What are they sayin'? haha....... I guess you could download the remix pack and hear for yourself

I used those bg vocal samples kinda like pads in this mix

Yup, it's repetitive as hell..... I'm a mininimalist...... Proof @

Thx for the feedback....... Finally a place where people actually give it!!!

Sea Of Cloud Sea Of Cloud

Rated 5 / 5 stars


this track is beautiful hands down... the start is a little misleading, but then it cuts in with a real nice smooth vibe, the drums are soft flowing with the guitar, like a sea which is wicked... and woah! i just heard piano... like where'd that come from? the cloud duh! haha awesome job mate

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Lapse responds:

Hey man, thanks for the awesome words. I'm glad you like it! The start was a bit more of my just experimenting with some things we did and making a fun electronic beat out of her guitar samples. Chopped those up. Then the middle - end had a more organic feel to it. There's another half to it, we never finished it though, it would've came in at that ending bit. Thanks for taking the time to listen!